DHS Secretary Kelly won’t commit to defend DACA in court

DHS Secretary Kelly won’t commit to defend DACA in court

[Ed. – Poster child for DACA deferrals pictured above.]

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that allowed nearly 800,000 children of illegal aliens to avoid deportation may die as a result of court challenges.  The Obama executive order that exempted massive numbers of illegal aliens who were children under 16 when they were brought into the U.S. by their parents will not be defended in court by the Trump administration, leading to its almost certain demise.

Fox News:

Kelly met privately with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, to alert them that the Trump Administration may stand by and let legal challenges defeat the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program that permits people brought to the states illegally as children stay on temporary visas. …

The program would need to be defended in court if the Trump administration doesn’t rescind it fully by September 5. That’s because officials in 10 states are threatening to file suit challenging the constitutionality of DACA, which was created by an executive order signed by President Obama. …

Proponents of DACA claim there is no difference between granting a few thousand children a stay of deportation and the 1.7 million illegals who are eligible for DACA. …

Republican governors in ten states are challenging that notion, claiming that DACA is unconstitutional because it bypasses Congress. …

Without a defense from the administration of DACA, federal courts are likely to agree with the governors.

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