Arab terrorists kill two Israeli policemen in attack at Temple Mount

Arab terrorists kill two Israeli policemen in attack at Temple Mount
Kamil Shanan, 22, and Hail Stawi, 30; Israeli Druze police officers slain in terror attack on the Temple Mount, 14 July 2017. (Images via Legal Insurrection)

Shortly after 7:00 a.m. Friday, Israeli time, three Israeli Arab terrorists opened fire near the Temple Mount, killing two Israeli policemen, and then fled onto the Temple Mount where the attackers were killed by Israeli police.  The two policemen killed were Israeli Druze.

In dramatic video, one of the attackers “played dead” only to rise to try to stab the police. He was shot dead in the act.

The attack at this location was a clear attempt not just at terror, but to stoke wider conflict.

It was the second attack in Jerusalem’s Old City within the past month. An assault a few weeks ago also resulted in the killing of a policewoman. …

This attack isn’t the first time that Palestinian terrorists have violated the holiness of the al-Aqsa mosque in the act of perpetrating a terror attack or planning for one.

Back in September 2015 we highlighted how Muslim assailants fled there and barricaded themselves into the mosque with homemade explosives, holing up inside in order to avoid arrest. On those occasions, the Israeli police foiled the attacks.

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