At office Halloween party, CA ‘sensitivity’ bureaucrats dress in blackface

At office Halloween party, CA ‘sensitivity’ bureaucrats dress in blackface
The "sensitive" side of P.C. bureaucracy in California. (Image: ABC 7 Sacramento via Facebook (Dan Noyes))

[Ed. – …and pretend to be in prison.  Apparently they imagined it to be some kind of “justice” blow for black people.]

If anyone needed proof that California is over-larded with do-nothing, malevolent bureaucrats, maybe the Judicial Council’s Halloween party, which featured racial sensitivity bosses dressed in blackface and turning their cubicles into jail cells, is just that example.  Sure enough, it’s an agency that oversees racial sensitivity programs for California’s court system.

Michael Roosevelt is a 20-year employee at the Judicial Council. Its mission – to advance “the consistent, impartial, independent, and accessible administration of justice”. Roosevelt was hired to develop bias education programs for court employees and judges, and he was shocked by photos of a Halloween party at the Judicial Council’s Sacramento office last year.

Roosevelt told Dan Noyes in an interview, “Here you’ve got the image of people who work for and support the courts who are dressed in prison garb, darkening their faces, depicting a prison setting where disproportionately those people who are incarcerated are people of color.”

The pictures posted on the council’s intranet show employees who turned their cubicles into prison cells, a guard standing watch, someone wearing dread locks and a Hannibal Lechter [sic] mask in a padded cell, others painting their faces. …

… There are 740 of these bureaucrats, and, to say the least, some are pretty judgment-challenged.

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