German police chief: ‘Never seen such violence’ as during G20 summit

German police chief: ‘Never seen such violence’ as during G20 summit
A cheerful Wilkommen to Hamburg, courtesy of Europe's rent-a-mob services. (Image: Screen grab of TheRealNews video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Although there are always protests for the G20 meetings, the Hamburg riots do seem to be the worst we have seen in a long time — or perhaps ever.]

German Special Police Forces (SEK) Saxony chief Sven Mewes described the harrowing police experience at the Hamburg G20 summit last week saying he had never seen such a level of violence directed toward police officers.

The SEK head said that the protesters intended to do as much harm as possible to the police in general and although his initial mission was to be on standby for potential terror attacks his unit had to be called in to help with the escalating violence. Mewes said that the violence he witnessed from the protestors, was “unbelievable” German broadcaster N24 reports.

Describing the events of the days and nights of “Welcome to Hell” protest which involved thousands of far-left extremists Mewes said, “from what I’ve seen, this was no longer a demonstration. This was much more advanced. I have been a police officer for over 30 years, I have never experienced such violence.”

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