China flies bombers near Japan, says ‘Get used to it’

China flies bombers near Japan, says ‘Get used to it’
China's Xian H-6 bomber. (Image: Wikipedia. By kevinmcgill from Den Bosch, Netherlands - Xian H-6M, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link)

[Ed. – This isn’t just political posturing.  China also wants to condition Japan to the bomber presence.  That desensitizes the target country’s alert system and makes it react more slowly to new moves.  The Xian H-6, China’s version of the former-Soviet Tu-16 Badger, serves China as a strategic bomber.  Japan is well capable of defending against it — but, again, conditioning Japanese forces to seeing the bombers roaming nearby airspace is to Beijing’s operational advantage.]

China told Japan on Friday to “get used to it” after it flew six warplanes over the Miyako Strait between two southern Japanese islands in a military exercise.

Japan’s defense ministry issued a statement late on Thursday describing the flyover by the formation of Xian H-6 bombers earlier that day as “unusual”, while noting that there had been no violation of Japanese airspace. …

The Chinese defense ministry said it was “legal and proper” for its military aircraft to operate in the airspace and that it would continue to organize regular training exercises according to “mission requirements”.

“The relevant side should not make a fuss about nothing or over-interpret, it will be fine once they get used to it,” the ministry said in a statement.

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