Trump scandal festers while country burns

Trump scandal festers while country burns

[Ed. – Mead makes some good points that both sides would be well-advised to consider, if they can put down their dukes long enough.]

Reactions to the latest news follow the established patterns. Diehard Trump supporters are doubling down on denial, entrenching themselves in conspiracy thinking and otherwise constructing an alternate reality. Trump’s most embittered Democratic foes are counting the days until impeachment, and constructing fanciful scenarios that include Vice President Pence’s resignation after the 2018 midterms put the Democrats back in charge of the House, so that as Trump is forced out, Nancy Pelosi becomes President of the United States.

Meanwhile the press hunt for smoking guns and Pulitzer scoops continues, and much of the country’s available bandwidth continues to be consumed by the scandal.

At Via Meadia, we are disappointed but not surprised by the whole sorry spectacle. On the one hand, it is good news that, despite the overwrought fears of the anti-Trump zealots, the American Constitution and our basic institutions continue to work. President Trump can neither block the investigations or silence the press. We continue to live in a republic of laws.

But otherwise, the scandal is a disaster and whatever the implications legal and otherwise for the Trump campaign and its key operatives, it emphasizes America’s divisions without overcoming them.

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