One college offers ‘all-expenses paid’ visits to high school students … as long as they’re of color

One college offers ‘all-expenses paid’ visits to high school students … as long as they’re of color
Reed Fly-Ins (Image: Reed College)

[Ed. – So segregation is fine as long as it’s against student of pallor. Reed is showing it is guilty of leukophobia. It is also probably breaking any number of laws, among them Brown v. Board of Education.]

Reed College in Oregon is offering an “all-inclusive, all-expenses paid” trip for high school students from “historically underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds.”

The “Discover Reed Fly-In” is a diversity recruitment program that exclusively targets U.S. high school seniors who are “African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander,” providing them with transportation, food, lodging, and a glimpse into the campus experience.

Minority students are eligible to apply for the all-expenses paid trip regardless of their socioeconomic status or their need for travel assistance, and interested students must complete an application detailing their test scores and extracurricular activities.

Students who are accepted into the program will spend a few days on campus mingling with professors, being hosted by current students, and sitting in on classes, which is all geared to encourage the student to choose to attend Reed.

Diversity-themed programs that pledge to fly in minority students have existed at many private colleges for several years, but the Reed program differs from most in that it is offered exclusively to racial minorities, whereas other programs usually offer travel assistance to first-generation college students and students from low-income households, as well.

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