School cafeteria worker suspended for attending UK Against Hate anti-terror rally

School cafeteria worker suspended for attending UK Against Hate anti-terror rally
Rachel Booth (Image via Johad Watch)

[Ed. – This is what it’s come to! Liberals are permitted — nay, encouraged! — to demonstrate against what they comically term ‘white nationalism.’ Some companies in the U.S. have actually instituted ‘social justice benefits’ and pay employees who take time off from work to protest. But attending a rally that decries terrorism is out of the question.]

This is how the May government, and the British establishment in general, quells resistance to jihad terror and the Islamization of Britain: by persecuting everyone who dares to step out of line and show any sign of resisting. The establishment media plays its part as well, smearing Tommy Robinson as a “far right extremist” (which essentially means, at this point, an opponent of jihad and Sharia) and acting as if it was indeed a heinous matter that poor Rachel Booth actually attended a rally against jihad terror.

“Preston dinner lady suspended after attending march organised by ex EDL leader,” by Mark White, Lancashire Post, July 7, 2017:

Thousands of people have signed a petition in support of a dinner lady who was suspended for going on a march organised by the ex English Defence League leader.

More than 20,000 people put their name to far right extremist Tommy Robinson’s petition after Moor Nook Primary School suspended mum of five Rachel Booth after footage emerged of her attending a UK Against Hate rally in Manchester.

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