Not so fast with the ‘Comey leaked classified info’ allegation

Not so fast with the ‘Comey leaked classified info’ allegation
James Comey (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS News)

[Ed. – McCarthy is right here.  Wisest not to jump on this until there is certainty that Comey leaked something from a memo that was actually classified.  Only some of his memos have now been deemed to contain classified information.]

The Hill is reporting that more than half of the memoranda former FBI director James Comey made regarding his conversations with president-elect and then President Trump contain classified information. The FBI, moreover, has determined that all of the memos are government documents.

This will come as a surprise to no one who has been following this story on National Review. In a column on Comey’s memos a month ago, I explained that there was no doubt the memos were government documents (regardless of the former director’s suggestion that they were his personal property, memorializing his “recollection recorded” of his conversations with the president). …

[E]ven if we assume the report is accurate (as I am inclined to do), it indicates that at least four of the seven memos contain classified information — not that all of them do. …

It is certainly possible that classified information was transmitted to persons not authorized to have it. But at this point, that has not been established.

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