After the G20, the U.S. may become a global pariah

After the G20, the U.S. may become a global pariah
Putin and Trump at G-20 (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS News)

[Ed. – Correction to the above headline. It should read ‘CNN is hopeful that after the G20, the U.S. will become a global pariah, and Americans will realize that CNN’s daily reporting of fake news was actually a magnanimous gesture done for their own good.’]

President Donald Trump, back in Washington from the G20 summit and relaxing Sunday at his Virginia golf club, has managed to leave behind a succession of landmines likely to explode in the coming weeks and months. With each explosion, the United States is increasingly likely to find itself as a pariah nation on the global stage.

Some of these explosive issues had been long anticipated — following weeks, even months, of vitriolic Trump tweets that effectively poisoned the atmosphere for many world leaders and especially for their top aides who were responsible for crafting the agenda and will be in charge of shepherding these issues going forward.

Let’s take a closer look….

The United States is as isolated as it has ever been on climate change, which is hardly surprising as Trump was the only leader to withdraw his nation from the Paris COP21 climate agreement, signed by 175 countries. The G20 final communique in Hamburg was the first formal indication that no one is prepared to follow Trump out the door.

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