The foolishness of Never Trumpers

The foolishness of Never Trumpers
A 'Not My President' candy bar

[Ed. – In a formal debate, the author’s argument that Trump’s ‘big government’ proposals deserve a pass because ‘every president does it’ would cost him points. It’s a variation of the argumentum ad populum fallacy, which asserts that if everyone believes a claim, it is true.]

You might have thought that once the election was over that the Never Trumpers would have wised up and at least have abided by the old rule, “If you cannot say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” It seems that at least some of them have not wised up at all and realized they are enabling their own political adversaries by besmirching a Republican president.

One of my favorite statements from the Never Trumpers is that Trump is not really a conservative. This is after his successful appointment of Neil Gorsuch … and enacting what some believe is the single most conservative cabinet in U.S. history…. His tax proposal and move to dismantle Obamacare does not mollify them. His moves at the border causing the reduction of illegal entries does not seemingly encourage them….

Sure, you can point to stupid proposals like the $25 billion for family leave which will grow into $150 billion once the Lefties get their hands on it. But every president does stupid policies….

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