Asking if a transgender person had surgery or just enjoys crossdressing is now a ‘microaggression’

Asking if a transgender person had surgery or just enjoys crossdressing is now a ‘microaggression’
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[Ed. – This is turning into a radical-left variant of Jeff Foxworthy’s routine ‘You Know You’re a Redneck.’ The liberal version isn’t funny, however — just pathetic. Example: You know you’re a liberal when someone compliments you … using the wrong words.]

Asking transgender people if they have underdone genital mutilation surgery or if they are just run-of-the-mill crossdressers is now a “microaggression.”

A “nonbinary Ph.D. candidate” using the pseudonym Francis Walker discovered this new, menacing microaggression and added it to the world’s perpetually growing stockpile by way of a 1,245-word essay at Inside Higher Ed.

Microaggressions are everyday words and actions that radical leftists have decided to be angry and resentful about.

“One of the most common examples of a cissexist microaggression is asking a transgender person if they have had ‘the surgery,” Walker explains. “The question implies that there is only one surgery (not true), that the surgery is the only way the person can be recognized as a ‘real’ woman or man (also not true) and that the individual asking the question has the right to ask and know about the transgender person’s genitals (obviously not true).”

Specifically, Walker declares, the microaggression of asking transgender people if they have undergone gender mutilation surgery is a “cissexist microaggression.” (“Cissexist” derives from “cisgender,” an invented term which means the absence of a transgender disorder.)

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