Will new gender-neutral drivers’ licenses fly with TSA?

Will new gender-neutral drivers’ licenses fly with TSA?
(Image: Oregon Dept. of Motor Vehicles)

[Ed. – Once again, the flash point here is an unimpeachable argument raised by the Left’s favorite enemy, Judicial Watch, which is arguing that the law that sets minimum standards on state-issued licenses and identification cards requires that gender be specified.]

Oregon followed the District of Columbia’s lead this week in starting to offer gender-neutral licenses — but whether the “non-binary” IDs will pass muster with the Transportation Security Administration is up in the air.

The TSA for years has been tightening ID standards as part of a post-9/11 security push.

Asked about the changes in Oregon and D.C., TSA assistant press secretary Michelle Negron acknowledged policies allowing residents to list a gender other than male or female are “relatively new.”

“We’re working to develop guidance,” she told Fox News. In the meantime, she said they do not anticipate changes to screening procedures. She said officers will remain “focused on ensuring that the ID presented is not fraudulent and that the traveler matches the photo on the ID and name on boarding pass.”

TSA right now is focused on getting states into compliance with the REAL ID Act, a 2005 law setting minimum standards for state-issued licenses and identification cards that can be used to access federal agencies and airports. On Jan. 22, 2018, the TSA will no longer accept any ID that does not meet those standards.

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