MSNBC: ‘What triggered me in Trump’s Warsaw speech was his saying that we write symphonies’

MSNBC: ‘What triggered me in Trump’s Warsaw speech was his saying that we write symphonies’
Jonathan Capeheart (Image: RCP video screen grab)

[Ed. – Would Capeheart have been less ill at ease if the president had acknowledged that the West has given the world jazz? How about ragtime or even (sigh!) hip-hop? Has he lost sight here of the fact that blacks have contributed to western music, art, and literature?]

Washington Post opinion writer and guest host for Joy Reid’s weekend MSNBC show Jonathan Capehart said President Trump’s use of the term ‘Western civilization’ in his Warsaw speech “triggered” him.

“We’ve heard lots of clips of the president’s speech in Warsaw,” Capehart said Saturday morning on AM Joy. “To my ear the one thing that was left out, we didn’t play this clip, but in this whole run of things, talking about Western civilization, he through [sic] in there we write symphonies. And that’s what triggered the alarm bells for me that this was not just some speech about democratic values or Western civilization. This was about something else.”

“Am I wrong in making this parallel between Steve King, President Trump and white nationalism?” Capehart asked after he played a clip of the Iowa Republican saying Western civilization is rooted in Europe, the U.S. and every place with Christianity.

Yahoo! News anchor Bianna Golodryga said Trump separating America from terrorists plays “right into the playbook of Vladimir Putin.”

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