NYT editors helpfully make Rahm Emanuel op-ed sound Mussolini-ish

NYT editors helpfully make Rahm Emanuel op-ed sound Mussolini-ish
Rahm Emanuel presides at the grand opening of the Morgan "L" Station in 2012. (Image: Screen grab of Chicago Mayor's Office video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Actually, Emanuel doesn’t need that much help along those lines.  But NYT‘s tone-deafness to the classic Mussolini-cult line is still noteworthy.  If they were protecting one of their own as they ought to, they would have kept the line out of the headline, at least.  Emanuel clarified to the Trib that he didn’t pick the headline.]

Either someone at The New York Times doesn’t like Mayor Rahm Emanuel very much, or the Gray Lady needs to brush up on her history.

How else to account for the unfortunate evocation of murderous Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in the headline NYT editors put on Emanuel’s op-ed column about his work to improve the CTA in Monday’s Times?

“Rahm Emanuel: In Chicago, the Trains Actually Run on Time,” blared the Times’ online headline for a column in which Emanuel favorably contrasted his policy of putting maintenance and reliability ahead of expansion of the city’s rail system. …

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Emanuel, who rides the “L” to work once a week, seized the chance to gloat that “Modernizing our existing mass transit is one reason Chicago’s economy has expanded faster than the economies of New York and Washington, and faster than the national average for the last five years.”

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