Salon writer says encouraging women to carry guns is ‘victim blaming’

Salon writer says encouraging women to carry guns is ‘victim blaming’
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[Ed. – But then, for the left, what isn’t “victim-blaming”?]

Amanda Marcotte’s columns at Salon routinely induce eye rolling, followed by a heavy sigh and a shake of one’s head. How can one person be wrong so often and never grasp it?

Her latest effort follows on the heels of the shooting in Alexandria. After all, a progressive will never let a good crisis go to waste.

Marcotte writes:

“There are striking parallels between the intimate terrorism of domestic violence and the mass terrorism perpetrated by lone-wolf attackers,”Amanda Taub of The New York Times wrote after last year’s Orlando, Florida, nightclub shooting. “Both, at their most basic level, are attempts to provoke fear and assert control.”

In light of this, it would seem that the smart move would be to tighten laws making it harder for abusive men to get their hands on guns they use to terrorize women and, in some cases, escalate by terrorizing the public at large. Unfortunately, many conservatives are trying to invert this logic to argue that instead of tightening gun laws, the focus should be on selling more guns — to women, who would then expected to use those guns to protect themselves against rape and domestic violence.

This shows how little she understands about American gun laws.

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