People won’t stop trying to make Hillary ‘happen’

People won’t stop trying to make Hillary ‘happen’
Hillary as mythical creature (Image via Heat Street)

From her fall in the 2008 primaries to her recent embarrassing display in the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton has been given ample opportunities to reach the highest heights in politics. But time and again, she’s alienated voters instead.

From calling conservatives a “basket of deplorables” to her shifting views on marriage equality and racist statements against “superpredators” in the African-American community, Hillary hasn’t done herself any favors.

But to Hillary supporters, she’s the only woman who can save America from itself. Hillary apparently agrees — she recently compared herself to Wonder Woman, saying she relates to a “strong woman saving the world from disaster.” If anything, America may need to be saved from Hillary and her supporters.

So why are people pushing so hard for Hillary? Perhaps it’s because they’re as delusional as she is. Here’s some of the memes they’ve made in their desperate push to resuscitate Hillary.

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