Parents: Learn how ‘social-emotional learning’ is indoctrinating your kids

Parents: Learn how ‘social-emotional learning’ is indoctrinating your kids

Jane Robbins and Karen Effrem wrote in the Federalist in 2016 about a new system designed to develop SEL standards. “All students, from kindergartners through high school seniors, would be measured on five ‘non-cognitive’ factors: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making,” the authors wrote. “Under such a system teachers become essentially therapists, and students become essentially patients. Supposedly this will clear away the psychological deadwood that obstructs a student’s path to academic achievement.”

Are parents aware of the psychobabble inflicted on their children in government schools? …

Writing in favor of a bill to promote SEL in early childhood, the author declares, “Early childhood educators can develop very close relationships with families and young children. We are in the best position to help when we have the right tools. Many teachers in Maine are looking for guidance on how to address challenging behaviors and the emotions behind those behaviors. Social and emotional development is critical for academic success, and we need policies that support young children, their families, and their teachers.”

In other words, parents are idiots and unqualified to deal with the behavioral problems that sometimes occur in young children. SEL will allow the state to step in as a proxy parent, diagnosing children’s problems and instructing them how to deal with them.

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