What do Illinois and Hawaii have in common that’s causing residents to flee?

What do Illinois and Hawaii have in common that’s causing residents to flee?
Not Illinois. (Image: Freeimages.com/Nicholas Wright)

[Ed. – No.  The Obama connection is too easy.  Slap yourself for even thinking that.  Yes, I saw you out there.]

At first you might say that it makes sense for Illinois residents to leave for greener pastures. The weather can be harsh. There are complaints about rising violence and failing schools. If better jobs are available somewhere more pleasant, then why not move? …

[I]f weather and parks are all it takes to convince people to stay home, then explain Hawaii. The Aloha State also is experiencing negative population growth, and it can hardly be blamed on harsh winters, crime, lack of culture or a dearth of nice, outdoorsy parks and beaches. …

People don’t leave Hawaii because they want to; they leave because they believe they have to. And if that’s true for Hawaii, then it’s probably true for Illinois, West Virginia and the other states experiencing negative population growth.

Nor is it a mystery why people leave. The politicians can talk about changes in migration patterns and the need for more parks (or whatever pet project they favor). But when you ask the people who decided to say goodbye to friends and family, you get a very direct answer: “We couldn’t afford it.”

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