California’s latest effort to thwart ICE is a doozy

California’s latest effort to thwart ICE is a doozy
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But there’s a poison pill buried in with the rest of these scattershot [budget] measures which once again aims to further cripple immigration law enforcement. The state plans to forbid any expenditures slated for new beds for immigration detention or any new contracts for work on immigration detention centers. (Associated Press)

California lawmakers voted Thursday to set rules for the state’s nascent marijuana industry and to quash the growth of federal immigration detention as part of a $125 billion state budget lawmakers approved for the next fiscal year. …

The Legislature also backed a measure to limit new beds for immigration detention, dealing a blow to the Trump administration’s efforts to boost deportation. The measure prevents local governments from signing or expanding contracts with federal authorities for immigration detention facilities. It also calls for the state’s attorney general to review conditions at the centers.

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