WaPo agrees with Clinton: She lost because of this

WaPo agrees with Clinton: She lost because of this

In Monday’s Washington Post, the media’s pathetic attempt to blame everyone but Hillary Clinton for her election loss trudged on. Today’s paper highlighted a study by two professors at the University of Texas at Dallas, that surveyed what voters felt about women in the workplace, and whether or not their answers fit into a “traditionalist” or “progressive” mindset. The survey’s writers concluded that their six question survey found that Clinton was correct: “Negative attitudes toward women affects voters in 2016, and the impact of these attitudes influenced the outcome of the election.”

The study’s writers, professors Harold Clarke and Marianne Stewart, found that there was a mixture of what they deemed “traditionalist” and “progressive” attitudes towards the role of women in the workplace. Despite finding that there were more progressive attitudes than traditional ones, the fact that traditional attitudes towards gender still existed, they argued, meant that Clinton lost because of sexism. What?

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