‘Pastafarian’ successfully gets driver’s license photo wearing colander on his head

‘Pastafarian’ successfully gets driver’s license photo wearing colander on his head

Religious freedom for some, or religious freedom for all?

That’s the question Pastafarians have to ask themselves everyday living in the so- called free United States of America. This subjugated monotheistic religious minority believe a giant, omniscient spaghetti monster that lives in the sky created the universe and has complete control of its fate.

This week, Arizona man Sean Corbett won an important victory for his proud, storied religion. The member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster successfully attained a state driver’s license while wearing a colander on his head. He received his license in the mail Tuesday.

After years of getting turned away at DMV’s Corbett finally got the license that adequately expresses his religious beliefs. Unfortunately state officials say they will void the license, according to The Arizona Republic. 

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Corbett says the license is an act of religious freedom.

If Muslims can take their photos in a hijab and Sikhs in a turban, why can’t Pastafarians get theirs in a spaghetti colander?

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