Hungarian PM: Soros attack on his policies a ‘declaration of war’

Hungarian PM: Soros attack on his policies a ‘declaration of war’
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[Ed. – It isn’t surprising for Orban to use these terms, considering that Soros has basically declared war on Russia and Donald Trump, and is running a highly orchestrated campaign to try to bring them both down.  It’s not because they were connected originally.  It’s because Soros’s campaign is designed to implicate them in common, in order to link their fate.  Orban, in Hungary, has no doubt experienced some of the same things at Soros’s hands.]

Hungary’s prime minister said Friday that harsh criticism by billionaire George Soros is a “declaration of war.” Soros has accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban of running a corrupt “mafia state.”

Orban alleged that the Hungarian-American investor was paying “agent-like networks” of non-governmental organizations to enforce his policies, including the promotion of migration, in Europe and Hungary.

“This is a declaration of war,” Orban said on state radio. “We are facing a financial speculator who has made a lot of money while … plunging many into poverty.”

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