There’s a ‘backstage Trump drama’ at Disney World in Orlando

There’s a ‘backstage Trump drama’ at Disney World in Orlando
The Hall of Presidents presentation, Walt Disney World. (Image: Screen grab via Fox News)

[Ed. – Because of course.  I suppose when the man enters his closet in the morning to graze for socks and boxers, it’s a “closet drama” every time.  Give us a break, people.  This derangement syndrome is really outliving its shelf life.]

Will Donald Trump have a speaking role at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction?

It’s a question that Motherboard has inquired about for two weeks, to no avail. The White House confirmed they received the inquiry, but did not reply to a follow-up email. Walt Disney World, after receiving multiple requests, stated through a phone representative that “as of right now, we have nothing to share.” …

When he debuted in 1993, Bill Clinton was the first president to recite a speech for the Hall of Presidents. George W. Bush followed suit eight years later. And Barack Obama followed suit eight years after him. …

Disney is tight-lipped as to whether Trump will do the same. …

There are already multiple anti-Trump petitions circulating (the most prominent one has collected nearly 15,000 signatures), which urge Disney to silence the Trump robot, on the grounds that Trump ran for president on a platform of “hateful speech, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia.”

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