The inevitable ‘OMG the First Lady isn’t wearing a head scarf’ flap

The inevitable ‘OMG the First Lady isn’t wearing a head scarf’ flap
Image: YouTube screen grab via Al Arabiya English

As advertised, the President embarked on the first trip abroad of his presidency this week, with the initial stop being in Saudi Arabia. He was joined by both the First Lady and his daughter Ivanka. Seen exiting Air Force One, Melania Trump, as always, looked completely stunning….

Since they were landing in Saudi Arabia, you may have noticed something conspicuously missing from the First Lady’s ensemble. She’s not wearing a head scarf as is the custom in that country and some other Muslim majority nations. (Ivanka was spotted not wearing one either.) Lest you think that Hot Air has suddenly turned into a fashion blog, fear not. I am assured by some reliable sources in the mainstream media that is a Big Freaking Deal. (Hat tip to Joe Biden.) In fact, so important was the question that the Washington Post was running a lengthy article yesterday, nervously wondering… would she or wouldn’t she?

They begin by discussing the last First Lady trip to this location when Michele Obama showed up there, also with her hair uncovered.

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