‘Indivisible’ agitators stalk congressmen hundreds of miles from their districts

‘Indivisible’ agitators stalk congressmen hundreds of miles from their districts
Telltale signs erupt from the audience at Rep. LaMalfa's Oroville townhall. (Image: Screeen grab of YouTube video)

[Ed. – Of course they do.  Indivisible is the exact opposite of a grassroots movement.  It is highly centralized and fully networked.  From the beginning, Indivisible agitators have traveled from other states to show up at townhalls.  Now, when many congressmen recognize that it’s pointless to try to have townhalls, the Indivisible agitators are tracking them and waylaying them wherever they are.]

Activists with Indivisible, an organization started by congressional staffers and usually identified with Democratic loyalists, as well as other grass-roots organizations are coordinating with each other to hunt down lawmakers at fundraisers and other events hundreds — or even thousands — of miles from their home states.

“We wanted to get the message across: There’s nowhere you can hide,” White said. “If you won’t come out and talk to your constituents, your days of going to this stuff unaccosted are over.”

A few weeks after White surprised Blunt in Tennessee, activists in Sarasota, Florida, paddled out in kayaks to disrupt a waterfront fundraiser for Darrell Issa, a Republican congressman from California. They held up signs, blew whistles and honked horns during the May 7 event as fundraiser attendees looked on, drinks in hand.

“We were a few feet away from (Issa) yelling, ‘You couldn’t raise money in California, could ya? You’re awfully far away from home!’ ” recalled one of the kayakers, Jayne Lemli, a 61-year-old office manager with Action Together Suncoast, an Indivisible group in southwest Florida.

Lemli and other Florida activists had been alerted to the fundraiser by members of an Indivisible group in Issa’s district in San Diego, who contacted them by social media.

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