Gloria Steinem compares Ivanka Trump’s views on maternity care to Nazi policy

Gloria Steinem compares Ivanka Trump’s views on maternity care to Nazi policy
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Feminist icon Gloria Steinem pulled no punches when she was asked about Ivanka Trump in a recent interview, disputing Ivanka’s claim that she is herself a feminist and comparing the First Daughter’s opinions about maternity care to Nazi policy.

Refinery29 asked the 83-year-old what she thought about criticism that Ivanka was trying to ‘co-opt feminism’, but Ms. Steinem flatly disagreed with that assessment — and Ivanka’s insistence that she is a feminist, period.

‘She hasn’t co-opted feminism. Nobody on earth thinks she’s a feminist, are you kidding me?’ said the activist, who was speaking as part of conference for Create & Cultivate NYC.

Ivanka, 35, has stated several times that she considers herself to be a feminist, telling Harper’s Bazaar in August: ‘I am. Absolutely.’

However, Ms. Steinem — one of the most iconic voices of modern feminism — thinks Ivanka may talk the talk, but she doesn’t walk the walk.

A feminist, she told Refinery29, is someone ‘who believes in the full equality of the sexes’.

She explained that despite Ivanka’s claim that she is feminist, her actions and public statements don’t actually line up with feminist dogma.

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