Trump media makeover: Out-Washington, already!

Trump media makeover: Out-Washington, already!
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[Ed. – I like these ideas.  Trump, as usual, was right to float the concept of ending the formulaic daily briefings.  But it matters what comes next.  Trump needs to drive that train.  Smith has good thoughts to start from on that.]

What does an “advanced tech” communications approach look like?

The first thing is for the White House communications operation to deemphasize the Washington press corps. Whatever happened to moving press briefings from the West Wing to the Old Executive Office Building? Whatever happened to pushing the same old MSM faces to the back of the room? …

The strategy is simple: the definition of media needs to be thoroughly modernized. It needs to be greatly broadened. “Media” isn’t primarily big conventional news outlets in the BosWash Corridor and on the left coast. …

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The White House, along with the NRC, and along with any private funding that’s permissible, should build an “across-the-nation” communications infrastructure aimed squarely at routine, direct interaction with local broadcast and print media, bloggers, radio and internet talkers, and — get this — grassroots activists who can serve as Trump communications “Minutemen.”

The president should be made available to local media… Why not give a sit-down to a news anchor in Orlando, for instance? …

Sure, there are only so many hours in a day, and the demands on the president are many and varied, but he can be made available routinely, selectively. …

Why not regionalize press conferences and briefings? Send Sean Spicer to Atlanta to field questions from invited Southeast regional media, for example. Bring along an administration heavyweight. Do so from a different locale once weekly.

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