Study: Eat salt to LOSE weight

Study: Eat salt to LOSE weight

[Ed. – I’m pretty neutral about this one: never craved salt, never made special efforts to restrict it.  I think what’s interesting is that what the article is really saying is, Eat salt in moderation.  Well, duh.  Who didn’t know that?  Our modern habit of overreacting to “scientific” findings has led us into decades of wild pendulum swings — all of which, I’m prepared to say, have been entirely unnecessary.  We don’t need to start cramming down salt now, and we certainly never needed to banish it.  The moral of the story is that we don’t handle “science” very well.]

Eating salt could lead to weight loss, a new study reveals.

Results show that a high-salt intake does not necessarily increase thirst, yet the amount of urine produced is consistent with non-high salt days.

This suggests that the body breaks down fat to produce fluids.

The findings contradict previous research that suggests excessive salt consumption leads to weight gain by causing the body to retain water. …

The results, published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, revealed that despite eating more salt on certain days, the astronauts drank less water, which goes against the theory that salty foods make us thirsty.

Yet, despite drinking less water, the crew still urinated similar amounts.

A potential explanation for this is the astronauts were breaking down fat to produce fluids.

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