Florida county purges voter rolls after illegal voters may have tipped local race

Florida county purges voter rolls after illegal voters may have tipped local race
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[Ed. – As Benson says elsewhere in the piece, illegal votes SHOULD be suppressed.  Illegal voting is not a price we somehow have to pay to make sure eligible voters can cast their ballots.  Emphasis in original.]

One of the arguments that voter fraud apologists offer when they’re confronted with hard evidence of a practice they deny exists is that even if there are “isolated incidents” here and there, they still amount to rounding errors that don’t impact the outcomes of races.  This is a weak argument, especially in light of the fact that the US presidency was decided by a margin of a few hundred Floridians in 2000.  Speaking of Florida, go back and read this post about the illegal voters uncovered by a local reporter a few years ago; he used a narrow method, and limited his search to a limited area of the state, yet he tracked down multiple non-citizens who were actively voting in American elections.  In a new case out of Florida, one county has just purged 16 ineligible voters from the rolls amid a legal battle over a local election that ended up being determined by a margin of…16 votes:

Putnam County elections officials said Monday they have now purged 16 people from the voter rolls who cast fraudulent ballots in last fall’s election. The news comes as a judge weighs the fate of an election contest lawsuit that challenges the legitimacy of Sheriff Homer “Gator” DeLoach’s election in a race decided by 16 votes. The case went to trial April 12. The lawsuit was filed by Jonathan Kinney, who lost after multiple recounts after unofficial election night returns had him ahead by 18 votes. It says 42 ballots cast by ineligible voters, from non-residents and felons to dead people, undermined the integrity of the election

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