Existential angst and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Existential angst and Trump Derangement Syndrome
Destroyer of worlds? (Image via outsidethebeltway.com)

[Ed. – This one is worth the read.]

The progressives made their stand on transgender issues because it appears to be the triumph of self-invention over nature and tradition. That is a cruel joke on the tiny number of individuals who feel compelled to live their lives in the gender opposite to that of their birth. …

That puts the question of the meaning of life in a different light. In the brave new progressive world, life means whatever you want it to mean. … That is what Nietzsche meant by affirmation of life: Because life itself is so miserable and pointless (with reference to the legend of Silenus), each individual must “affirm” life by an arbitrary act of will. The trouble is that if life can have any meaning you assign to it, then it has no meaning in particular. Your life is meaningless, in the strict sense of the word. To the trick question, “Do black lives matter?”, I propose this answer: No, but neither do anyone else’s. …

The self-inventors are lost in time, as it were, condemned to find meaning in the fleeting and unsubstantial moment. They have taken the other side of the bet that Faust made with Mephistopheles — that his soul was lost if the devil could show him a moment that he wanted to hang on to forever. Their illusory sense of meaning can survive only in an echo chamber where it is constantly reinforced by group-think.

The progressives felt themselves on the verge of turning America into a gigantic echo-chamber. Except for tiny pockets of resistance, they control the universities. They dominate the mainstream media and mainstream culture. They had the Supreme Court as of Obergefell. And they had a Democratic administration ready to cut off funding to schools that didn’t let boys-who-say-they-are-girls into the girls’ room.

And into this triumphalist delirium, there intruded the raucous Queens accent of Donald J. Trump, the most politically incorrect contestant for national office since Andrew Jackson. The progressives have responded by retreating into deep fantasy, with tutus and pussy hats (which, one might add, are a micro-aggression against transwomen who do not have vaginas, and should be replaced by a hat that depicts a part of the anatomy that everyone has).

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