NFL team officials on why no one will hire Kaepernick

NFL team officials on why no one will hire Kaepernick
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[Ed. – Biggest DU-UH in the universe?]

Americans as a majority didn’t support Kaepernick’s repeated protests. …

The backlash appeared too much to bear for the young quarterback. In March, he announced that he planned to stand for the anthem during games this coming fall. …

The Bleacher Report’s Mark Freeman shared what he has been told by NFL officials about Kaepernick’s poor standing in the NFL.

Freeman wrote:

The reason Kaepernick still hasn’t been signed, I’ve been told by dozens of team officials this week, is because of the political stance he took in not standing for the flag last season to protest racial inequality. …

It seems NFL officials want the field to remain a place for football, not the political opinions of the players in the game.

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