Trump admin. rejects LGBT identity question for 2020 Census, which somehow is about health care

Trump admin. rejects LGBT identity question for 2020 Census, which somehow is about health care
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[Ed. – And all this in turn is about how the U.S. is kind of like Iran and Chechnya, when you think about it, LGBT-visibility-wise.  These people simply can’t refrain from such impressionistic drive-bys.  You’d almost think it was intentional.]

According to guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services, medical providers should ask patients for information about their gender identities and sexual orientations. But in a recent survey of emergency-room practitioners, a large majority of respondents said they avoid asking these questions because they fear they’ll make their patients uncomfortable. …

Emergency-room patients might need or want to contact a partner, and asking a lesbian how she can reach her husband could make an already stressful situation even more upsetting for the patient. Some LGBTQ survey respondents reported that routine information-gathering about sexuality and gender identity would help normalize those very normal characteristics in the medical community. Many said it would help them feel “visible.” …

The Trump administration has been blocking attempts to get more and better data on LGBTQ Americans ever since the president took office. … Many advocates had hoped that the 2020 Census would include a section that would allow people to self-identify as LGBTQ. In March, the Census Bureau briefly posted that it would, then quickly corrected the record—there will be no such question. Leaders of places like Iran and Chechnya, where the government perpetrates atrocities against gay people, have often claimed that accusations of such human rights violations could not be true, because there are no gay people there.

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