Bethune-Cookman president’s surprising reaction when graduates boo Betsy DeVos

Bethune-Cookman president’s surprising reaction when graduates boo Betsy DeVos
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[Ed. – These kids have turned into the racist rednecks they’ve been taught to decry all their lives.]

While giving the commencement keynote address, graduating students booed and turned their backs on DeVos.

So loud was the booing that university president Edison Jackson interrupted DeVos, asking students to hear her out.

From the Washington Post:

But the president of the university defended [DeVos’s] work as a philanthropist and her commitment to education. …

When she began speaking, thanking Jackson, the auditorium erupted with boos. DeVos had to raise her voice as she thanked the moms attending the ceremony.

About half the 380 graduates turned their backs on her. …

Jackson warned the students. “Choose which way you want to go,” he said sternly as the disruptions continued. …

Jackson defended the decision to bring in DeVos saying, “I am of the belief that it does not benefit our students to suppress voices that we disagree with, or to limit students to only those perspectives that are broadly sanctioned by a specific community. …”

For his defense of varying ideological sets, the NAACP called for Jackson to be canned.

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