Prisoner claims sex dolls should be given to inmates to battle stress

Prisoner claims sex dolls should be given to inmates to battle stress
Image: HuffPo video screen grab via Abyss Creations

After watching a Channel 4 documentary on sex dolls, prisoner Jack Swarz believes that it would be a good idea to give inmates silicon lovers to help release pent up testosterone.

Mr Swarez, whop is currently serving a 17 year sentence for his part in a drug dealing gang, believes sex dolls could make inmates more peaceful.

As prisons does not allow conjugal visits, Mr Swarez says that sex dolls are a simple alternative.

Describing the Channel 4 documentary about men living with sex dolls, Mr Swarez said: “I noticed that all of these men looked very happy and stress-free.

“There are companies who manufacture these doll women and, if this idea is taken up, everyone who purchases one can send a photo of their loved one and have the company incorporate their features into the doll.

“The trouble is, our prisons are full of young men filled with testosterone who would give their right arm for a bit of passion.

“The frustration of this situation makes these young men restless and wanting to cause mischief.”

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