The facts about moms about pre-existing conditions

The facts about moms about pre-existing conditions

A few days ago Parents Magazine published a grossly distorted “news” article on the House-passed American Health Care Act, which misinformed readers about the potential effects of the legislation and the state of health care today. This is extremely disappointing, considering families rely on this publication for factual information, not inaccurate rumors. Here are just a few examples of what they got wrong.

First, Parents made no mention of the realities of the current health law’s failure. Of course, some people have benefitted from … Obamacare, but many have also suffered, and more will suffer if the law is unchanged:

  • Soaring premiums: Just this year, premiums increased 25 percent on average for those who buy the ACA plans. More than half (55 percent) of those ACA enrollees are women. Ironically, Parents drives home the point that higher premiums make it harder for people to afford insurance coverage. This is true, and it is already the case under the ACA.
  • Cancelled plans: In fall 2013, 4.7 million Americans’ health plans were cancelled because they were not compliant with the ACA, and millions more have lost their plans in the years since….

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