Probing ‘Russia-Trump ties’: Now so hip, offbeat restaurateurs are totally into it

Probing ‘Russia-Trump ties’: Now so hip, offbeat restaurateurs are totally into it
Food of sleuths. (Image: Wikipedia; By STRONGlk7 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

[Ed. – I’m not sure why the Daily Beast is posting sh– stuff like this.  To recruit more self-appointed hipster sleuths, maybe?  Perhaps just to fan the flagging embers of the baseless Russia-Trump story, which never had any chops to begin with, and has gone downhill from there.  Whatever the reason, I look forward eagerly to the day when these experts are called to answer questions from Trey Gowdy .  Except, of course, that they won’t be — because there’s nothing there, as everyone from James Comey to James Clapper to Dianne Feinstein has had to admit.]

One of the better-connected, more knowledgeable people on the ties between the Kremlin and Trump Tower—other than the investigators currently working full-time on the topic—is a ramen shop owner named Jeff Jetton.

Over the past few months, Jetton, who helped found the popular Washington, D.C. noodle restaurant Toki Underground, has inserted himself smack-dab into the investigation of possible Trump-Russia connections. …

Feeling disillusioned after Trump’s inauguration, Jetton posted a story about Russia on his Facebook account. A friend commented that he had known a figure in the Trump orbit personally. Jetton started reaching out.

“If you’re good at piecing things together, why don’t you just do some of this sh** yourself?” said Jetton, who spoke to The Daily Beast wearing an olive-drab Harley Davidson jacket with a #1 patch made out of an American flag on his right shoulder. “I just started reaching out to people. I’m not really a journalist, but I sort of used this social media, blogging environment that I belong to, to start talking to people conversationally.” …

These are ordinary men and women enraptured by the Russia scandal, captivated by a story with the potential intrigue of the JFK assassination and the ethical problems of the Watergate scandal, all mixed in with an interactive reality show. …

Abby Hertz founded LUST NYC, an erotic, eight-course dinner party in which food is served off naked bodies. She’s also deeply interested in any possible connections between Team Trump and Russia.

“Even my cousin in Indiana and her friends are obsessed with Trump/Russia. It’s better than Netflix, it’s a huge deal because our democracy was hijacked, and it opened up a very deep rabbit hole of corruption that already existed in a ‘sexy’ way that the public could delve into,” Hertz said. “It’s our first quasi-augmented reality political show… which is I guess what happens when you elect a reality-TV star.”

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