What do Palestinian terrorists and Yale grad students have in common?

What do Palestinian terrorists and Yale grad students have in common?
Terrorist Marwan Barghouti, hunger-striking on the Yale grad student plan. (Image: Screen grab of Israeli/MRC video via CNSNews)

[Ed. – They both eat during hunger strikes.]

Israel’s public security minister has slammed as a “hypocrite” the leader of a group of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike after he was filmed apparently eating surreptitiously in his cell.

Surveillance video released by the Israel Prison Service Sunday purportedly shows Marwan Barghouti, a convicted terrorist viewed by some as a prospective future president, eating what looks like a candy bar in a bathroom stall in his cell in Kishon prison in northern Israel.

A committee set up in support of the hunger strike on Sunday dismissed the footage as part of a “war of lies” aimed at discrediting the prisoners, and claimed the clips dated back to at least 2004, the Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

The Israel Prison Service, however, says the footage was filmed on April 27 this year and again eight days later, on May 5. On April 17, Barghouti and hundreds of other Palestinians serving prison terms in Israeli jails had launched what they call the “Freedom and Dignity” hunger strike to demand changes to their conditions.

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