Fact check: It’s a lie that House’s health care bill abandons people with preexisting conditions

Fact check: It’s a lie that House’s health care bill abandons people with preexisting conditions
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[Ed. – It IS a lie.  What’s interesting, however, is that the more you regulate, the more words it takes to explain why a particular criticism of your version of the regulation is a lie.  The Democrats have been winning on this front for years, and probably always will — precisely because they are willing to lie, and sell their legislation on the basis of simpler-to-understand emotionalism and unrealistic promises.  Once you agree to the principle of prophylactic regulation, you have signed up to be held hostage to this dynamic for the rest of time.]

[B]ased on rhetoric from elected Democrats and the Left generally, one might assume that Obamacare was called the “Pre-existing Conditions Coverage Act” (side-stepping the whole “choice and affordability” fairy tale they peddled), and that the Republican bill obliterates those protections. The proposed law would be a “death warrant” for sick women and children, they shriek, casting Obamacare opponents as the moral equivalent of accessories to murder. This is demagogic, hyperbolic, inaccurate nonsense. To review the actual facts, even under an exceedingly unlikely scenario in which the Senate passed the House bill without making a single alteration, people with pre-existing conditions are offered several layers of protection:

Layer One: Insurers are required to sell plans to all comers, including those with pre-existing conditions. This is known as “guaranteed issue,” and it’s mandated in the AHCA. No exceptions, no waivers. I spoke with an informed conservative news consumer earlier who was stunned to learn that this was the case, having been subjected to 24 hours of unhinged rhetoric from the Left.

Layer Two: Anyone with a pre-existing condition and who lives in a state that does not seek an optional waiver from the AHCA’s (and Obamacare’s) “community rating” regulation cannot be charged more than other people for a new plan when they seek to purchase one… 

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