5 takeaways from the GOP’s Obamacare repeal vote

5 takeaways from the GOP’s Obamacare repeal vote
Trump congratulates House Republicans on passing Obamacare repeal bill, May 2017. (Image: Screen grab of Channel90 video, YouTube)

Barack Obama’s Legacy Takes Another Blow: There’s a long way to go before President Obama’s health care law is officially wiped off the books. Notwithstanding the Republicans’ victory dance in the Rose Garden on Thursday, the legislation now heads to the Senate. Nonetheless, since taking control in January, Trump and the Republican-controlled 115th Congress have rolled back many of Obama’s policies through executive order and statutory review. If Republicans manage to get the rewritten health bill to Trump’s desk, they will have undone Obama’s signature domestic policy initiative.

DJT = LBJ? In March, when Trump capitulated on health legislation after 17 days, his critics asserted confidently that the man obviously had too short an attention span to be an effective chief executive in Washington. Thursday’s events, however, served as a reminder than in his pre-politics business career, Trump often played the long game—and was known as a notorious detail man. It was striking to see lawmakers in the Rose Garden praise Trump for his deep personal involvement in getting the bill across the House finish line. Paul Ryan said he had never seen a president take such a hands-on approach to legislation.

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