Model accuses Trump, demands he pay her medical bills

Model accuses Trump, demands he pay her medical bills
Underdosed. (Image: Screen grab of Pop Sugar video, YouTube)

[Ed. – I’ll never look at TRESemmé the same way again.  And yes, dear, it does sound like you may want to up your dosage.]

Model Chrissy Teigen says President Trump’s behavior is causing her to up her medication and she wants him to pay for it.

The 31-year-old model and wife of musician John Legend went on a Twitter tirade Wednesday evening, revealing she had a tooth shaved down due to “crippling anxiety” as a result of Trump.

“So f**king tired of this manically insane, incompetent president and this dumpster fire administration I’m gonna have to go on another med,” Teigen tweeted, later adding, “that is not a joke. I think I need to either up my dosage or talk to my doctor to ‘see what works for me’ when the world explodes.”

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