Crucifixion, torture and forced conversion by ISIS in Iraq

Crucifixion, torture and forced conversion by ISIS in Iraq
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Iraqi Christian survivors of Islamic State’s brutal reign have been coming forward to tell the horrors they experienced as their land becomes liberated by coalition forces, reports Christianity Today.

One man, identified only as Esam, related how Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) jihadis tortured and killed his brother-in-law while his wife and children were forced to watch.

“My wife’s brother was crucified by Daesh [ISIS],” he said. “He was crucified and tortured in front of his wife and children, who were forced to watch. They told him that if he loved Jesus that much, he would die like Jesus.”

For four hours, militants tortured the man, before crucifying him and cutting open his stomach. He was eventually shot and killed.

Esam also reported that two members of his wife’s family, a Christian couple, were kidnapped by ISIS. The wife “now lives with one of the Daesh emirs,” he said and the whereabouts of the husband are unknown.

Another horrific account emerged told by a teenager from the Iraqi Christian village of Qaraqosh, located near Mosul, which was taken over by Islamic State in 2014 when the boy was 14.

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