Campus radicals are not the real threat to freedom; this is

Campus radicals are not the real threat to freedom; this is

The ignorant, insular snowflakes on college campuses who want to banish conservative speakers are a piddly threat to American liberty.

The hand-wringing and pearl-clutching on the political right about the lefty activists who object to their schools providing a forum to conservative provocateurs is preposterously out of scale to the danger these activists actually pose to the First Amendment.

Snarky firebrand Ann Coulter should have been allowed to speak as scheduled at the University of California at Berkeley, agreed. And the frightening, stifling campus protests to which other conservative speakers have been subjected are inexcusable, particularly at institutions supposedly dedicated to inquiry and freedom of thought.

But come out from under the covers. Put on some fresh trousers. The vast majority of liberal politicians and pundits deplore this sort of suppression, which remains geographically quite limited. Rascals and rabble rousers from all across the political spectrum still have countless venues for expression, and those who wish to enjoy the vile ramblings of, say, Milo Yiannopolous, have no shortage of opportunity online.

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The right dominates talk radio and cable chat, and Republicans control every branch of government at the federal level.

Freedom of conservative speech is very, very safe.

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