Supreme Court lets California ban on ‘gay-conversion’ therapy stand

Supreme Court lets California ban on ‘gay-conversion’ therapy stand
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[Ed. – Be clear on this.  Licensed therapists in California CAN help patients “transition” to being gay or behaving as the opposite sex.  They CANNOT help patients be straight, whether that means continuing to consider themselves straight, or going back to considering themselves straight.  Religion aside, this is the state taking a biased position on what kinds of therapy are allowable in professional practice.  Objectively, there is no reason why therapists should not be allowed to help anyone reject gayness in him or herself.]

The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a California law that bans licensed therapists from working with children to change their sexual orientation from gay to straight, rejecting an appeal that said the measure violates religious rights.

The rebuff leaves intact a federal appeals court decision upholding California’s 2012 first-of-its-kind law. The measure prohibits the form of counseling known as “conversion therapy.” …

California officials urged the Supreme Court not to hear the appeal, saying the law doesn’t restrict what religious leaders can say, except in the context of a state-licensed therapy session.

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