Florida student penalized for using word ‘man’ in an essay

Florida student penalized for using word ‘man’ in an essay

[Ed. – Another good reason not to publish through institutionally edited publishing anymore.   Just consider here that the poor kid writes a gobbledegook sentence like “Water is a thing prior to man,” and what the professor focuses on is the use of the word “man,” as opposed to the far more important issue of writing that doesn’t make sense.  I’m going to say “man” or “mankind,” not “humankind,” because my terms sound graceful and human as opposed to clinical and robotic.  And you can’t stop me.]

At the University of Florida, a student was recently penalized for writing “man” instead of “humankind” in a class paper.

History major Martin Poirier wrote “Water is a thing prior to man” on a paper for a history class called “History of Water.”

“Thoughtful paper, although the writing-mechanics errors are killing you,” Professor Jack Davis wrote at the bottom of the paper. He gave the student a B minus, according to a copy of the essay published in the student news outlet the Daily Nerv.

Davis circled “man” and referenced his Writing Mechanics Exercise #20, which draws a distinction between “mankind” and “humankind.”

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