Trump skips Correspondents Dinner, but media’s bias can’t be ignored

Trump skips Correspondents Dinner, but media’s bias can’t be ignored
Hasan Minhaj (Image: YouTube screen grab via C-SPAN)

It was a night to remember — unfortunately. The moment of journalism’s greatest embarrassment kept its standing as a night the media love, but the nation finds creepy. This year, it needed help from foul-mouthed anti-Trumper Samantha Bee and the press itself to do it.

Journalists who campaigned against President Trump both before and after the election questioned the need for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year. Trump helped burn the script by refusing to attend and TBS’ theoretical comedian held a counter event the elite flocked to. NBC said Bee’s “Not The White House Correspondents Dinner” “upstaged” the traditional event.

That was easy. “Nerd prom,” as it is called inside the Beltway, became a minor event on its own night. It headlined two ancient news icons who helped take down a president more than 40 years ago. The comic host devoted most of his stand-up to attacking the president, who was elsewhere and making a series of Nazi, Holocaust and N-word jokes that were more hate than humor.

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