Noam Chomsky: GOP agenda a threat to human survival

Noam Chomsky: GOP agenda a threat to human survival
Noam Chomsky (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT has asserted that the GOP poses an existential threat to humanity. The famed linguist and political activist attributes his charge the climate skepticism of President Donald Trump and his administration, which he believes will result in environmental ruin.

On April 13, Chomsky delivered a lecture at the University of Massachusetts Mullins Center. During his comments, he warned attendees that the impact of climate change was fast-approaching.

“Anyone not living under a rock should know that the danger is imminent… We’re in danger of handing the young people a situation that they cannot control,” Chomsky said, according to the The Massachusetts Daily Collegian. ”

The 88-year-old linguist listed three examples that he believed spelled trouble for humanity’s prospects of tackling climate climate: the halting of the talks in Morocco to implement the Paris Climate Agreement the day that Trump was elected, the melting of 10,000-year-old permafrost in Canada and the deterioration of the Australian Great Barrier Reef.

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