‘I love your show … I call it Deface the Nation’: Trump Trolls John Dickerson to his face

‘I love your show … I call it Deface the Nation’: Trump Trolls John Dickerson to his face
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It is no secret that President Donald Trump loves to bash the mainstream media. Nary a day goes by when he doesn’t call the press “fake news.” So, there should be little shock that during an interview with CBS News’ John Dickerson that aired this morning on Face the Nation, the president took to ridiculing the program right to Dickerson’s face.

During the wide-ranging conversation, Dickerson brought up Trump’s comments in which he stated that he thought the job of president “would be easier.” This led to POTUS giving a long-winded explanation about how much he loves being president, that it’s a tough job, he’ll be there for eight years and how he’s doing great on foreign policy and trade deals.

Eventually, this turned into his trolling Face the Nation and Dickerson as he turned his attention to the “fake media.”

“You know it’s very funny when the fake media goes out — we call the mainstream media — sometimes, I must say, that is you,” the president stated.

After Dickerson wanted to know if he meant that personally, Trump said, “I love your show — I call it Deface the Nation. But, you know, your show is sometimes not exactly correct.”

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