Flashback: Mexico deported Charles Manson as an ‘undesirable alien’ in 1960

Flashback: Mexico deported Charles Manson as an ‘undesirable alien’ in 1960
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Mexico deported Charles Manson, the gruesome cult killer, in 1960 after Mexican officials identified Manson as an “undesirable alien.”

The deportation occurred on June 1, 1960, according to a newspaper clipping from the Laredo Morning Times unearthed by Deborah Silva of The Manson Family Blog.

“Charles Milles Manson, 26, who is wanted in California on federal charges of having violated the Mann Act, is held in the Webb County jail,” the article explains.

“He was expelled from Mexico through Laredo Wednesday as an undesirable alien, and was taken into custody by FBI Agents.”

The reasons for Manson’s presence in Mexico and the length of his stay in the country are unclear.

The reason for his deportation as an “undesirable alien” is also not clear.

Manson was unable to answer questions posed by Frank Y. Hill, a U.S. federal court in commissioner in the Texas border town.

“Sir, I don’t remember too much right now,” Manson told the commissioner, according to the Laredo newspaper account.

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