Soros legacy: Attack on Macedonian parliament after members held unconstitutional leadership vote

Soros legacy: Attack on Macedonian parliament after members held unconstitutional leadership vote
Protesters storm Macedonian parliament in Skopje, 27 Apr 2017. (Image: Screen grab of RFE/RL video, YouTube)

[Ed. – It’s getting harder and harder to ferret out what’s really happening out there.  If you didn’t know Soros had been trying to destabilize conservative, Western-friendly Macedonia for years, you wouldn’t even know to look for the truth, instead of buying a false narrative.  The raid on the Macedonian parliament occurred because the conservative Christian Democrats, the party called VMRO-DPMNE, actually WON the election in December — but won it too narrowly to govern without a coalition.  They’ve been trying to form a coalition ever since, and the Soros-backed Socialists have been colluding against them.  The Soros groups sponsored an unconstitutional vote this week to elect a speaker, against the will of VMRO and its voters.  The raid on parliament was a determined protest against an unconstitutional effort to hijack the government out from under the December vote.  American Spectator has some fantastic background here.  This is why Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is so anxious to find out WTF U.S. money has been doing, backing Soros in Macedonia since 2012.]

The NATO alliance has warned Macedonia, a candidate country, not to let similar violence happen again after protesters stormed parliament and assaulted opposition lawmakers.


Hungary’s foreign minister says that foreign intrusion is to blame for the political crisis in Macedonia.

Peter Szijjarto says that far-away foreign countries, which he didn’t name, decided the country’s voting timetable. He also accused unnamed groups tied to billionaire George Soros of financing “anti-government actions.”

Szijjarto, attending a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Malta, said that “Macedonia’s example clearly shows the dangers of external intervention in the life of a country.”

Hungary’s position on Macedonia seems to follow the Russian view, as Moscow says the European Union and the U.S. are to blame for the turmoil.

Hungary says that Soros is working against Hungarian interests because of his support for migration, fervently opposed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Soros earlier dismissed similar accusations against him.


Macedonia’s interior minister has offered his resignation a day after protesters stormed the country’s parliament.

Protesters attacked legislators over disagreements in the election of a new parliamentary speaker. More than 100 people were injured in the violence.

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